Moans and groans

As much as I love skiing, I have to admit that there are some moans than run through my head! It’s so intense being out in the cold all day, exercising, that you’re bound to have a few complaints.

Here are a few typography posters detailing mine:

steepest slope.jpg

On the red run from the top of the mountains, my cousin and I absolutely freaked out over this slope. It was the steepest slope I’d seen on the mountain and our first reaction was to think we couldn’t take it on. But my other cousin encouraged us and by skiing carefully, we nailed it!

my feet are numb .jpg

The boots didn’t keep my feet warm enough, and usually it was ok but by the end of the day my feet had turned numb. What a relief to get int the warmth of the hotel at the end of the day!

food .jpg

I got so hungry on the mountain! Because you’re exercising all day, it makes you ravenous by 11. I would eat as much as I could at breakfast, bring a cereal bar on the mountain to keep me going and then attack my lunch. Italian food is so good so it makes you even hungrier for lunch!


I had one big crash on my fifth day of skiing. There was a part where we had to put our skiis straight and bomb it in order to make it up a hill, and over the top of the hill a girl was turning really slowly. As soon as I made it over the hill I saw her in my path, and swerved but she did too, and we crashed into each other. I went head over heels but luckily, sprang up unhurt. The other girl was unhurt too, so no harm done!



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