Calling all girly girls…

I am one of the girliest girls you will find. I love clothes, hair and make up and typically don’t do things that would deprive me of these things, like camping.

Skiing is not the most girly of holidays, but I hit those slopes with abandon! Here are a few tips though.

Sun cream is one of the most important things to remember. It sounds crazy because you’ll be in the cold, not on the beach, but the high altitude in the mountains means you’re very exposed to UV rays. Go for a really high factor. I put on factor 50 in the mornings and at lunch. Also, remember to protect your lips with a high factor lip balm. Palmer’s cocoa butter does a factor 50 one, perfect.

Sadly for me, this holiday was not one for my red lipstick. There’s just no point. It was so cold in January that I had to wear a balaclava the whole time up the mountain so lipstick would have just smudged awfully. I just wore a tinted lip balm over the top of the SPF lip balm and called it a day. Obviously, you feel a bit silly putting on a full face of make up to go skiing, but I’m not the type of girl to go out bare faced! So foundation, blusher to keep your colour up in the cold, and flicked eyeliner.


Helmets are a nightmare! What to do with your hair? I tried just about everything: ponytails at any height are annoying under the helmet, buns can’t fit under the helmet and loose hair would be so unmanageable at the end! So thank god for plaits. I wore my hair in one or two french plaits and it didn’t bother me all day. I definitely improved my plaiting skills on that holiday.


One tip: don’t wear false nails while skiing. A friend wore long false nails during her ski holiday and by the end half had ripped off where she had been falling over and catching herself with her hands. I put on pink nail varnish, but definitely bring it with you, as it WILL chip!

Happily however, the evenings are your own! Go on, put on that slap. I know you want to.

I wasn’t sure what to pack to wear for the evenings. At home I would always wear a dress and heels to go to a club or bar, but heels are definitely not an option in a ski resort. Too much ice! Buy a pair of snow boots, and they will be your best friends. It’s not really dressy in ski bars, so don’t go too glam. The main theme is warmth! It’s not cold in the bars and restaurants, but it’s freezing walking there. I brought a mix of nice jumpers with jeans or skirts, and knit dresses with tights. And of course, buy a matching hat and scarf! You’ll fit right in.



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