The only way is up

I designed this map of how high up the resort I went in Cervinia. The bigger the circle, the higher the altitude. I layered the maps of every day on top of each other, to make an overall map of the week I spent in the mountains.


Some close ups:

Cut out 5.jpg Cut out 6.jpg

Cut out 4.jpg Cut out 3.jpg

Cut out 2.jpg              Cut out 1.jpg

Here is the breakdown of day to day how high up the mountain I went:

Day One

Didn’t get very high up the mountain on the first day, we were naturally more cautious! We did do one run from high up the mountain though, although it turned into a panic when we realised we had to make it down in 20 minutes to catch the gondola back to town.

Day 1 grey.jpg

Day Two

Day two was similar to day one, although we fit in more runs.

Day 2 blue.jpg

Day Three

On day three I got brave and did a red run from higher up the mountain with my cousins. It was brilliant fun!

Day 3 green.jpg

Day Four

Another red run on day four! I tackled the steepest slope I have ever seen in my life, it was so nerve-wracking.

Day 4 yellow.jpg

Day Five

Day five was the big one. We did a red run right from the top of the mountain, so high we could see into the Swiss Alps! Again, this was a nerve-wracking run but so fun.

Day 5 red.jpg

Day Six

On day six I did red runs and blue runs, but didn’t go right to the top of the mountain because once was scary enough for me!

Day 6 purple.jpg




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