Top five best things about Italy

Italy is one of my favourite countries in the world. There are so many reasons, but let’s limit it to five, in the interests of not going on and on:

  1. The Scenery

Who can ignore the stunning Italian landscape? One of the best things about Italy is that whatever type of holiday you’re after, it’s got you covered. Mountains, lakes, beach, city – Italy has it all. I have been to four different places in Italy (the Alps, Lake Garda, Rome and the Amalfi Coast), and each of them were wildly different to the others. The diversity of the landscape means there is something for everybody.

Also, Italy is simply beautiful. Picturesque towns with terracotta roofs, crumbling ancient ruins, romantic architecture.. The natural landscape is just as impressive, especially the Amalfi Coast. Driving along there was amazing. Better views are hard to find!

  1. The Food

Pizza. Pasta. Ice cream. We all know that Italy has great food, That is established. The flavour and quality is incredible. Trust me, it beats Pizza Hut.

  1. The History

As a history buff, I find it pretty exciting to be in the country where civilisation grew. The Ancient Romans gave us roads, plumbing, numerals etc. and Rome in particular is a haven for history lovers. The Italians do a wonderful job of staying modern without losing the history that makes them unique. Roman ruins, the Pantheon and of course, the Colosseum, are the highlights of a trip to Rome. Soak it up!

  1. The Language

Italian sounds so cool doesn’t it? At school, I will always regret having to take German instead of Italian – the year above me got to study Italian, and I was jealous. Italian is such a fluid, romantic language, and I loved listening to it. I did try to speak the odd bit of Italian on holiday, with handy phrases like ‘si’ (yes), ‘Bonjourno’ (hello) and ‘Gracias’ (thank you) being pretty much the only Italian words to come through my mouth.

  1. The Relaxed feel

No one in Italy is in a hurry. In London, everyone is rushing, talking on the phone, pushing past each other, and life is hectic. It’s all so different in Italy. The people there seem to have time. They relax. This rubs off on you when you go to Italy, and gives you a sense of peace.


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