My favourite destinations so far

I’ve been to a fair amount of destinations so far in my life. Here are the ones that stand out to me for being amazing:

New York

New York, New York! If you can make it there you can make it anywhere! Obviously New York makes it onto the Best Destinations list. There is such a feeling of excitement when you come to New York, we’ve seen it all in the movies! The skyline is iconic and go up the Empire State building is brilliant, night or day. There’s so much to do and see in new York, you’ll never be bored.


Las Vegas

Sin city is more like heaven. It’s just larger than life. Vegas exists in it’s own bubble, and when you go there you’re astounded by the sheer fun. There is so much to do, besides gambling – shows, roller coasters, take a pretend canal boat in the Venetian hotel, go up the fake Eiffel Tower in the Paris hotel, see the Grand Canyon, go to a concert… and shopping and clubbing. The entire place is just fun with a capital F.



Rome is my favourite city I’ve been to so far. The architecture is spectacular, with the history of Rome so apparent everywhere you look. My favourite sight is the Trevi fountain, which I of course threw a coin into to guarantee I’d come back to this beautiful, cultured place.



Skiing in the Alps, the Matterhorn above. blue sky, white snow, views… perfection. Cervinia is one of the most perfect places I can imagine in terms of scenery, and the great food tops it all off nicely. This place is peaceful but exciting all at the same time.



Aah Antigua. A more relaxing place I have never found. The Caribbean islands are so beautiful and laid back, you can truly let go of your worries and enjoy yourself. Our hotel had double doors leading straight onto the beach, which was the white sand, palm tree lined, blue ocean beach of my dreams. The weather was divine. Take me back.



Sorrento, on the Amalfi Coast, is a perfect place to get a feel for Italy. The scenery is absolutely stunning, and I thoroughly recommend taking a tour along the Amalfi coast and visiting Positano, Amalfi and my favourite, Ravello. From Sorrento, you can also take a day trip to the island of Capri, as well as visit Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii, the petrified city. This holiday has so many options for places to see, and each one of them is fantastic. Each town has it’s own character and is beautiful, and the sea views top it all off.



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