The Barcelona Plan

In February 2017, I booked a trip to Barcelona with my boyfriend. Ole! I’ve wanted to go to Barcelona since my parents went on a long weekend there about five years ago, and selfishly didn’t invite me but brought back amazing photos. Ok truthfully, I’ve wanted to go to Barcelona ever since I saw the second Cheetah Girls movie. That movie started it all.

Because of work, saving up etc, we could only book to go for two nights in July. Sounds perfect, if a little short. There is so much to do in Barcelona, how am I going to plan this trip to fit everything in?

Prioritisation is key. Obviously, we can’t see EVERYTHING in two days. Actually, it will be half of Friday and all of Saturday, as we arrive in Spain at 10am on Friday. I plan from there to spend as little time at the hotel as possible, and get out in the city! My priorities were the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. Absolute must dos’s. They, for me, are the whole point of going to Barcelona. The architecture looks amazing and I can’t wait to see them! For Billy, he wanted to see Camp Nou, the football stadium. Of course. Although this isn’t my thing at all, he deserves to see it, so this was factored into The Plan..

We have to be ambitious, and get round as much as we can: the Gothic Quarter, the Sagrada Familia, the beach (voted best city beach in the world), Passeig de Gracia, Park Guell, Camp Nou, Montjuic and hopefully a bit of flamenco! A tall order, but we’re hopeful. Although walking will be a great way to see Barcelona in places like the Gothic Quarter and Las Ramblas,, we will take the Metro to certain places (Sagrada Familia to get there as early as possible and avoid queues, Camp Nou because it’s too far from Barcelona to walk and to the cable car up the mountain, to save precious afternoon time).

Here’s our itinerary so far:

Barcelona Itinerary

After which we will collapse onto the plane at 7am on Sunday, exhausted but Barcelona happy.


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