Top five places I want to visit

There are SO many places on my bucket list! The world is full of fantastic places, but here are five I simply have to go to:


I love the idea of Hawaii. Hula, volcanoes, beaches, palm trees, coconuts. It all sounds amazing, and totally worth the long, long plane journey from London. I want to sit on the beach and explore the jungle and learn a bit of hula! It sounds like paradise.

Photo from Unsplash, credit to Sebastien Gabriel


I’m a big fan of Greece, and have been to many places there, but not the one I most want to go – Santorini. That’s probably because it’s also the most expensive place in Greece. Still, I am determined to get there and experience the sun setting over the sea from a perfect white and blue town. Moussaka anyone?

Photo from Unsplash, credit to Alan Bicknell


The long, expensive journey to Australia will not deter me from going to Sydney one day! I want to explore all of Australia, but Sydney in particular! Bondi beach looks beautiful, and so does Sydney Harbour bridge.The famous opera house calls me…

Photo from Unsplash, credit to Frances Gunn


A trip to Venice with my boyfriend would be a dream come true! It’s the ultimate romantic place, and I can’t wait to sit in a gondola with an Italian man singing behind us. The canals are so picturesque, and I love Italian food so it seems perfect.

Photo from Unsplash, credit to Joshua Stannard

Cape Town

This one is a recent wish. I saw a photo of Cape Town and it looked amazing. Cape Town seems the perfect blend of city, sea and mountains, and I’d love to go there and take the cable car up Table Mountain for the stunning view over the city. I’d also have to fit in a safari and see the big five – especially giraffes, one of my favourite animals.

Photo from Unsplash, credit to Scott Webb




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