Why is Paris the city of love?

Paris is possibly the most clichéd place for couples to go. But why? Yes, it’s the city of love – but what makes it that way?

Out of all the cities I’ve been to, I would say that Rome and Paris are neck and neck when it comes to romance. Here are some reasons why Paris is the city of love:

The Architecture

Paris has a style of build that is uniquely Parisian. Each building is beautiful, and the light colours they use makes the city look so much prettier than the greys of London and New York. Thanks to the Unesco heritage production limits, buildings aren’t allowed to be built more than six stories, which means there’s no feeling of towers looming over you. Just the big, blue (hopefully) sky. It creates a more airy feel to the city, and also the art nouveau style of building makes them so picturesque. Sculptures set into the stone, twirly balconies, that kind of thing, Not to mention the wonderfully intricate Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame! This means that there is something beautiful to look at everywhere you go, and makes Paris romantic.


The Eiffel Tower

It’s iconic! Being near such a celebrated landmark feels special, and when you go up it, the view of Paris is astounding. Also, when it’s lit up at night, the twinkly lights create such a lovely atmosphere, it almost feels magical.


The Language

French is known as the language of love for a reason. It just sounds so nice! Hearing it all around you is cool, and trying to speak t yourself makes you feel sophisticated – even if you mess it up.


Paris has a good deal more trees and greenery around than London does. I’m not talking about parks, I mean tree-lined pavements, such as the Champs de Elysees. The greenery keeps the city-nature balance perfect, and its so much prettier to see a tree than a concrete wall.


The Seine

The River Seine that runs through Paris is great for walking along, and gives great views of the Eiffel Tower. A river boat cruise is even better! Additionally, the bridges in Paris are beautiful, especially the Pont des Arts (which sadly, you’re not allowed to put a padlock on any more).

Pavement cafes

Quite a big thing in Paris is the pavement cafes. Eating outside is something I hardly ever do at home, thanks to my crazy fear of birds (and of course, English weather) but I did it in Paris and it was lovely! Sure, the chairs are really crowded together, but this makes you feel more at one with the Parisians. It’s romantic, trust me.

The Food

Food In Paris is great, and with a café or restaurant round every corner, there’s n shortage of places. The best thing are the patisseries. French pastries are amazing, and there’s nothing more romantic than something sweet!



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