Moans and groans

Paris is magical and beautiful and I love it. But there are a few things I wouldn’t mind changing:

1. The roads are treacherous

Even though there are pelican crossings in Paris, a lot of drivers seem to think a red light means stop here please, maybe, if you feel like it, or not. Be careful when crossing!

2. People stare

Especially on the Metro, I noticed a lot of Parisians staring at us. I have no idea why – we were talking quietly. Did they catch wind that we’re English? Is staring not rude in France? Try not to let it bother you.

3. The French concept of queuing

Of course, we can’t generalise. But in my experience, the Parisian queues were not orderly – people pushed their way in and tried to get in front of me. As a Brit, I was enraged!

4. Souvenir sellers

At the Eiffel Tower and the Sacre Coeur, people kept trying to sell us things – beer, roses, miniature Eiffel Towers. When we turned them down, they kept coming back! My boyfriend in particular found this really annoying. Just keep being firm!

This is actually all I have to moan about. I love Paris!



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