Dear future me…

I love Paris so much I’m already planning my next trip! Who knows when it will be, but when I go I have a very good idea of what I want to do.

Having already done a few days in Paris, I want to go for a longer amount of time and explore it more. I’m thinking 3 days in Paris, where I will revisit the Eiffel Tower because I can’t get enough. I will also do a river boat cruise, go to the Louvre, walk along the Pont Alexandre III bridge (these are all the things I previously missed). I really want to spend a bit more time along the Champs Elysees, as I only stayed up the Arc de Triomphe end before. I also want to visit the Moulin Rouge! As the setting of one of my favourite films, it’s on my wish list.

Paris will be followed by a day trip to the nearby Palace of Versailles. I would absolutely love to visit this place! Being a history buff, I took history at college, and one of our topics was the French Revolution. It was difficult to learn with all the fancy French names, but it was intriguing! So I feel like going to the Palace of Versailles would be a great experience for the historian in me. Also, French court was notoriously elegant and ornate, and I know the Palace will be beautiful. Especially those gardens! (note to self – go during the summer). It’s so ornate and fancy.

Palace of Versailles. Credit: Kimberly Vardeman (Flickr: Versailles)

After Versailles I will make my way to Disneyland Paris!! One of my favourite places in the world! I love the happiness of the place, and the nostalgia of my childhood. And the rides! I love all rides, from the tame ‘It’s a Small World’ to massive rollercoasters like ‘Space Mountain’. What I love about Disneyland Paris as opposed to Disneyworld, Florida is that everywhere is within walking distance. It’s so easy to hop between the parks. My favourite park is Magic kingdom, with the pink castle as the centrepiece and the base for fireworks in the evenings. Do not miss the fireworks. I would spend three days in Disneyland Paris, getting my fill of magic and rides before hopping on the Eurostar back to Blighty. The perfect French adventure.


Future me, please remember to do this trip…


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