Budapest is beckoning…

Margaret Bridge – Photo from Unsplash, credit to Daniel Olah

Lately I’ve been hearing very good things about Budapest. I wasn’t really aware of it until last summer when my friend went there with her boyfriend (he surprised her with a trip there!) and I looked it up and was pleasantly surprised! It looks awesome!

The capital of Hungary, Budapest has a rich history and a moderate climate. When I visit, I’d like to go during the warmer months of July or August, to get blue sky for my photos! It’s always good to be able to wear shorts on a city break

The thing that first attracted me to Budapest was the thermal baths. Budapest is known for its baths, with hot springs and healing water. This sounds good to me! I want to try them out and soak my worries away.

Budapest also has a good number of castles. I love castles, as they encompass both architecture and history, two things I always look for in a city break! The Fisherman’s Bastion is a castle that almost looks like a sandcastle, and so is top of my list to visit . I bet you get great views from there too. I wonder what it’s like inside? There is also Buda castle, which is a must see too. Both of these castles are located on Castle Hill, so I’m thinking would be easy to get to! Another building at the top of my list to see is the Hungarian Parliament building – one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe apparently.

When my cousins went to Budapest, they went on a river boat cruise down the river Danube, that separates Buda from Pest (yes that’s right, Budapest is made up from two cities called Buda and Pest! I had no idea, I thought It was a joke when I was told!). I always love a river boat cruise, I think it’s an excellent way to see the city! I plan to do this at sunset or at night, when the lights are coming on and the Margaret bridge is lit up.

Nightlife in Budapest is meant to be great!, There are unique ‘ruin bars’ which are bars that have been built into a site that was previously ruined, giving them a cool, underground feel– they sound so different and cool! My friend went to one with her boyfriend and they had a blast!

Watch this space…Budapest is on my list…

Fisherman’s Bastion – Photo from Unsplash, credit to Andrew Neel

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