City break vs beach holiday

There are many types of holiday – safari, beach, city break, cruise, skiing, hiking – but the ones I go on most often are city breaks or beach holidays. Both of them are great in their own way! Here’s what I love about city breaks:

Skyscrapers in New York
  1. Lots of action
    You’re never bored in a city break, especially if you do your research beforehand and look up fun things to do and see! Architecture, parks, museums, views, you can get it all in cities.
  2. Culture  
    Cities are often great sources of seeing the culture and tradition of a place. I love destinations with old palaces or statues, where you can really see all that has happened in the place.
  3. Architecture
    One of the things I look for in a city is great architecture. Walking around, looking at all the buildings can be great fun if they’re interesting, and they make the city beautiful.
  4. Food
    A city break is a great excuse to try some new cuisine! In cities, there are loads of choice of restaurants, and it’s great to take advantage of these on your trip.

So I love city breaks because there is often so much to do. I like to really pack in all the sights and see as much as I can! Others like to chill out in a café or park and people watch. Either way, there is fun to be had! Here is a list of cities I haven’t yet been to that are on the bucket list:

  1. Lisbon
  2. Dubrovnik
  3. L.A
  4. Cape Town
  5. Sydney
  6. Athens
  7. Madrid
  8. Vienna
  9. San Francisco
  10. Budapest
  11. New Orleans
  12. Rio de Janeiro
  13. Copenhagen
  14. Florence
  15. Tokyo
  16. Amsterdam
  17. Venice
  18. Prague
  19. Seville
  20. Zurich

I’m going to need a lot of money! Because one disadvantage of city breaks is that although initially cheap, as you can go for only a few days, or even a weekend, you tend to spend a lot more in food, drinks and entertainment than you would on a beach holiday.

Fig Tree Bay, Cyprus

I love beach holidays too. Who doesn’t love getting time to relax in the sun? Although I’m more of a pool girl, I love a beautiful beach. Why, you ask?

  1. Getting to relax
    Especially since I started my London job, relaxation time is such a luxury. Life is hectic, and getting to chill on a beach for a week or so is amazing.
  2. Recharge your batteries
    Whilst I often come home from a city break feeling like I need to recover from all the action, beach holidays refresh you completely.
  3. The sound of the sea
    The waves are so soothing! Not to mention the smell of the sea!
  4. Beautiful landscape
    Nothing beats a beach scene. The sun, sand and sea are a winning combination.
  5. Lying in the sun
    I’m from England. I don’t get much sun.

I feel relaxed just thinking about lying on a beach! It’s true that there is nothing more chilled. Here are some beaches I want to visit:

  1. Bahamas
  2. Hawaii
  3. L.A
  4. Sydney
  5. Sicily
  6. Algarve
  7. Seychelles
  8. Bora Bora
  9. Thailand
  10. Mexico
  11. Bali
  12. Bermuda

Give me some white sand and coconuts and I’m good to go.

All in all, my favourite type of holiday is one with a little city and beach thrown in. For example, when I went to Rhodes, Greece last year, we lazed about the pool and beach, but also did a day in Rhodes Town, where we explored the ancient ruins. Or this summer when I go to Barcelona, we’re planning a (tiny) bit of beach time! Two birds, one stone.


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