Top tips for visiting Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the land of lights, gambling and fun! Here are my top tips for getting along in Sin City:

1. Jet lag

If like me, you’ve taken a twelve hour flight from England to Vegas, you’ll be very jet-lagged. We found it so difficult to get onto Vegas-time, but the key is to stay up on the first day and go to bed when it would be a normal time. If you can do this then you’ve cracked it! (we didn’t – we crumbled and went to bed at 8 then woke up at 5 the next morning.)

2. Look at all the sights on the strip

There are so many great things to see in Vegas! Shows, architecture, attractions – there’s even a pretend Venice! Wander round and take it all in. It’s so different in the daylight and then again at night when it’s all lit up, so experience both. In a five day holiday, we saw most things, but there was plenty there to occupy us for longer!


3. When in Rome…

Even if you’re not a gambler, it’s practically a crime to go to Las Vegas and not have a gamble! Play a card game, go on the slot machines – make the most of being there! Equally, if you ARE a gambler, don’t go overboard. It’s very easy to get caught up in the casinos of Vegas.

4. Visit the Grand Canyon

If you’re in Vegas you’ve got to make time to see the wonderful canyon. It’s a fantastic place to visit, with so much natural beauty. If you’re hiking it, bring lots of water and sun cream, as it’s just so hot. Or see it from the air in a helicopter ride, like we did.


5. Things are further apart than you think

Las Vegas strip looks like it’s all close together, but is actually four miles long, so we found it difficult to walk the whole length of the strip. We tended to get the monorail, which goes to each major point, rather than walking. Taxis are also an option, but more expensive!

6. Be aware of the heat

Being situated in a desert, Las Vegas is obviously very hot. We visited in early September, and we walked off the plane into an oven! That’s what it felt like. Because of this extreme heat, we found we couldn’t walk for longer than 10 minutes without cooling off in an air-conditioned casino, so be aware of that. Wear lots of suncream too!

7. City lights

Las Vegas really comes alive at night. The lights are so bright they can be seen from space! Everywhere you pass has something to attract people in, so get out there and party!


8. Pick your hotel carefully

Definitely pick a hotel on the main strip of Vegas! It must be a real pain to stay on the outskirts or in downtown Vegas and then get a taxi in. Get in the middle of the hustle and bustle. I would also say it’s worth paying the extra to stay in a themed hotel like Caesar’s Palace or the Luxor, as these just have the wow factor, and can make your stay so much more enjoyable! We stayed at the Palazzo and absolutely loved it.



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