A gambler I am not

I don’t like losing money. At home, I never gamble, but in Las Vegas you have to do it at least a little bit!

Everywhere you look in Vegas, there’s a casino. In the hotels, you can’t even get to your room without crossing one. This, of course, is their attempt to pull you in. All the big hotels on the Las Vegas strip centre around the casino. So we went in all of them, but I only gambled in one of them.

We went to the casino near us at the Harrah’s hotel, because the minimum bet was low! At some casinos you have to put down a minimum bet of $50, and the casino at my hotel, the Palazzo, was an expensive one like that. But there’s a casino for everyone in Vegas – look around. My brother immediately got stuck into a card game, but I wasn’t confident enough for that – there were people betting hundreds of dollars there! I made my way to the lowly slot machines.

It was quite good fun playing those machines, but after I lost about $2 I decided enough was enough. I know, so lame! Gambling just isn’t my thing. I’d have rather bought a cup of tea with those two dollars.

At least I can say I gambled in Sin City.


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