Moans and Groans

All that fun, there has to be a few drawbacks right?

1. The heat

It’s hot. So hot. I know it’s the desert – we should expect this! But honestly, it feels like walking into an oven when you go outside. And we went to Vegas in September.

2. The roads take ages to cross

This is a really weird one. Because the roads on the strip are so wide (4 lanes going each way) it really does take about 5 minutes just to cross a road!

3. It’s a long way from England

Obviously, this one can’t be helped! The flight is twelve hours from London, and it’s a long journey! It’s so difficult to get over the jet lag. Stay strong and don’t give in!

4. Circus circus

I was disappointed by the free circus show at the hotel Circus Circus. Yes, it was free and the act was very good, but you only get a 10 minute performance and then half an hour until the next one. I also thought I was a bit of a dark, dingy hotel, so not one of my favourites.

Las Vegas is amazing though.


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