It’s grand, and it’s a canyon

Ah the Grand Canyon. 277 miles long and 18 miles wide.

On a trip to Las Vegas, you can’t miss a trip to the Grand Canyon. It’s spectacular. You can drive there (it takes most of the day to get there and back) or you can do a helicopter trip (the more expensive but quicker option). We opted for the helicopter trip to see the canyon from above, and it was awesome! I took about 4 hours total.




The coach picked us up from our hotel early in the morning, and then, after picking up the rest of the group, we drove to the canyon. When we arrived at the helicopter centre we were given safety tips and then brought out into the space where the helicopter was. It looked so cool! I’ve never been in a helicopter before, so I learned that it is very loud! Everyone has to wear headsets in order to speak to each other, because the noise of the propellers drowns out all other sound. I felt like an action girl!


14333625_1105298786227342_1949074868786003721_n (1)

My brother and I were lucky enough to be seated at the front of the helicopter, which meant we saw beautiful views. First, we flew over a dormant volcano, the Colorado river, the Hoover Dam and then we hit the Grand Canyon. It’s BIG. We flew beneath the rim of the canyon, so we got great views of the rocky edges. The rock was a beautiful orange colour, and the canyon was so deep and wide, it’s amazing to see that. The orange rock against the blue of the sky (almost always cloudless in the desert) is beautiful.




Seeing the Grand Canyon from the sky was such a great view. It took my breath away.





After a stop at the visitor’s centre, we flew back over the desert, where we saw Colorado river again and a few tiny houses. I can’t believe anyone lives out there!


Our helicopter pilot drove so smoothly. I’d been a bit worried, as I’d heard of people feeling really sick on flights like this, but luckily it all went well. We were in a helicopter with four other people – a family from Australia. Amazing to hear how they live over there!

If you’re thinking of seeing the Grand Canyon, you won’t regret it.



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