Las Vegas factoids

Las Vegas is the epicentre of fun – so here are some fun facts!

  1. Las Vegas is located in the desert, in the State of Nevada USA
  2. It’s nicknamed Sin City, due to the amount of drinking, gambling and other goings on that is typical here
  3. Las Vegas is the brightest point on Earth, due to all the neon lights at night!
  4. 17 of the 20 biggest hotels in the US are found in Vegas
  5. In Spanish, ‘Las Vegas’ means ‘the meadows’. Not exactly sure it’s an apt description!
  6. Vegas has a mob history, and many violent acts were committed here
  7. The famous ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign doesn’t actually reside in Vegas! It’s about four miles south of the city
  8. There are more than 150 casinos in Las Vegas
  9. 300 weddings a day take place in Las Vegas
  10. The famous Vegas strip is actually located in Clarke County, not Las Vegas
  11. In 1965, the government began nuclear testing, only 65 miles away from Las Vegas. Party-goers would celebrate each explosion
  12. The sphinx at the Luxor hotel is taller than the original Egyptian sphinx
  13. There is a black book in Vegas, with a list of people who aren’t allowed to enter the casinos
  14. Las Vegas receives roughly 301 days of sunshine a year
  15. Vegas did not exist until 1905, when it was put on the map as a stop on the Union Pacific Railroad.14352357_1105265129564041_6790852102316403697_o

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