Things you can do in Las Vegas that are a bit different

Of course, the most popular activities in Las Vegas are gambling and partying! Casinos are everywhere. Here are some alternative activities – there’s something for everyone in Vegas!

1. See a show

Showtime! Las Vegas has so much entertainment around, you can find something to suit you! Additionally, there are plenty of free shows in Las Vegas – the fountain shows outside the Bellagio, the circus shows at Circus Circus, the volcano show at the Mirage hotel. Go and watch them.



2. Visit the interiors of the hotels

This would be a bit weird on any other holiday, but in Las Vegas, the hotels themselves are attractions! The interiors are amazing, and the best ones are the themed ones – explore the Parisian, Venetian and Luxor for the best interiors. You don’t have to be a guest to go in these hotels.



3. Go up the Vegas Eiffel Tower

Yes, it’s not the real Eiffel Tower – but it’s almost as exciting! Instead of views of Paris, you get views of Vegas. We did it in the day, but this would probably be even better at night with the bright lights!



4. Take a gondola ride

At the Venetian hotel, you can choose either an indoor or an outdoor gondola ride down their canal. It feels like the real deal – someone rows behind you singing and everything. You can choose between an outdoor or indoor gondola ride.


5. View Vegas from above

Stratosphere, a hotel down the southern end of the strip, has a tower that is 1,149m tall, and is the tallest observation tower in the USA! Go up to the top and chill out with a cocktail (there’s a bar up there) whilst taking in the fabulous views of Vegas.



6. Listen to music

There are so many musical acts in Las Vegas! There’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. The same night I saw Britney Spears at the Planet Hollywood hotel, my brother saw a Metallica tribute act. Loads of big artists take up residency in Vegas, and do shows most nights. Britney Spears, J-Lo and Mariah Carey have all performed in sin city. If that’s too pricey, there are plenty or smaller musical acts to see!

7. See the Grand Canyon

If you don’t see the Grand Canyon during a Vegas trip, you’re cheating yourself. It’s so amazing. This natural sight is staggering, especially after all the man-made sights in Vegas!


8. Visit the Las Vegas sign

It’s surprisingly far from the strip but worth a visit! Take a picture with the iconic sign.

9. Take a look at the aquarium

At the Mandalay Bay hotel, you can go into their massive aquarium, where they have sharks! It’s a bit pricey though.

10. Chill out by the pool

The weather is hot hot hot, so catch some rays by the pool. The pool at the Palazzo/Venetian hotels (they share the same pool) is amazing and luxurious, with a fantastic jacuzzi.


11. See wildlife

At the Flamingo hotel, they have actual flamingos! Take a look at the fabulous pink birds.


12. Go on the Vegas ferris wheel

Behind the Linq hotel, there is a replica of the London eye! Take a ride and look at the Vegas views.

13. Go shopping

Every hotel has a whole shopping centre inside it! Seriously, these hotels are massive, and the shopping possibilities are endless. Get your designer fix and shop until you drop.

14. Ride rollercoasters

Hotels New York New York and Stratosphere have thrilling rollercoasters on the outside of their buildings. Ride if you dare!




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