Best things about Las Vegas

1. The lights

The bright lights of Vegas are stunning – at night it comes alive! It’s such an exciting place to be.


2. There is so much to do

Partying, gambling, music acts, shows, roller coasters – anything you want to do, you can do in Vegas! You can’t get bored.

3. It’s so over the top

It’s one of those places where it’s so extravagant that you can’t help but be gob smacked. The size of Las Vegas – not so much the strip, but the hotels on the strip, that fit actual shopping centres inside them, is crazy.

4. The food

The food is great. We didn’t go to a classic buffet, but every single meal we got was great. We went to the Cheesecake Factory in Caesar’s Palace, the Chinese in the Hollywood Rock hotel and an Italian in our Palazzo hotel, just to name a few. And American portions are massive! I just couldn’t eat it all.

5. The tiny details

No detail is overlooked in Las Vegas. The Luxor had hieroglyphics on the walls, the Venetian hotel had realistic looking Italian buildings and bridges. It’s the details that make them works of art.

6. The Grand Canyon

The natural beauty of this famous canyon can’t be ignored. It is so amazing to see it for yourself.


7. Everyone is having fun

Las Vegas is the ultimate place to enjoy yourself. Everyone there has come for a good time! It’s a great atmosphere.


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