5 free things to do in Las Vegas

The most expensive part of a trip to Las Vegas are the flights. Long haul is always more pricey, and a 12 hour trip from London eats away at your cash. To counteract that, here are some free things you can do once you get there!

1.Take in the themed hotels

Each hotel is open to the public, not just guests staying there, and trust me when I say they’re worth seeing! The themed ones are best, so hit the Venetian, the Parisian the Luxor, New York New York and Caesar’s Palace. Each one has a lot to look at in the architecture and interiors.



2. Watch the Bellagio Fountain show

The fountains outside the Bellagio put on shows with music and light every night, and not only are they fabulous, but they’re free!


3. See the Welcome to Las Vegas sign

This iconic sign is actually a way away from the Las Vegas strip, but if you can make it there, it’s a great photo opportunity!

4. Volcano show

Every night the Mirage hotel puts on a volcano show outside, with lava effects and light – it’s really cool!


5. Circus circus

Every half an hour, Circus circus puts on a ten minute circus act show for free. See acrobatics, clowns and more.


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