Staying at the Palazzo

For our five day holiday to Las Vegas, we stayed at the Palazzo hotel. It is in Italian themed hotel, and one of the best places I have ever stayed at. It’s a five star hotel, and definitely lives up to the reputation.

Before even walking in, the Palazzo cuts an impressive figure – a massive, 53 floor building, elegantly designed, made from sand coloured material. It straight away transports you to Italy. Inside is even more impressive, with marble floors, fountains and quirky displays in the lobby. Further in the hotel, there’s even a waterfall!


To get to your rooms, you have to walk through the casino, and I think it was the nicest one we saw in Vegas. Huge, with carpeted floors, it’s so buzzy, people will stay there all night gambling.

The rooms were so luxurious, with a lot of space, marble floors, a massive window at the end of the room and really comfy beds. The bathrooms were impressive too. Our room had a great view over the golf courses of Las Vegas, and the sunrise is perfect. At home, I never see the sun rise. There’s one perk to jet lag.


Like all the big hotels in Vegas, there is basically a shopping centre in the Palazzo. There are so many designer shops, as well as restaurants; you could stay occupied even if you just stayed in your hotel. We went to one of these restaurants for dinner on our last night – Il Cielo. Whilst expensive, the food was amazing. It was an Italian and the portions were so massive. We also went to one of the restaurants, Grand Lux Cafe, for breakfast one day, where I had a classic American stack of pancakes with maple syrup. I had to. I was in America.

My favourite part of the Palazzo however, was that it’s sister to the Venetian hotel – they’re connected and you can wander seamlessly from the Palazzo to the Venetian. I have to admit that I preferred the architecture of the Venetian to the Palazzo. It’s a four star, so officially not as good as the Palazzo, but I beg to differ. The Venetian not only had a canal, offering Venetian gondola rides, but also a replica of St Mark’s square in the real Venice. The whole look of the building is so beautiful and Italian – fake cobbled stone floors, a fake blue sky as the ceiling, bridges over the canals, Italian themed shops. This is as good as you can get to being in Venice – without actually being in Venice.


The Palazzo is situated right on the Vegas strip, next to the Wynn hotel with Harrah’s on the other side. Opposite is the Mirage hotel, where they put on a free volcano show in the evenings. Best of all, Harrah’s hotel next door is a station for the monorail, so when it’s too hot to walk (which it always was), there’s a convenient way to get around.

One morning, we went to chill out by the pool, and it was fabulous! You are free to visit either the Palazzo’s pool or the Venetian, as they are connected, and the grounds are beautifully gardened. There are ten pools, a Jacuzzi, plus sun beds for stretching out under the Vegas sun. The pool area is beautiful, and the Palazzo is best for quiet relaxing, while the Venetian pool has a bit more life. It’s lovely, in the crazy bubble that is Las Vegas, to take some time out and just relax.


If I go to Las Vegas again (or should that be when), I’d definitely stay here one more time.


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