Five more places I want to go

The world is a big place, and I need to see more of it!

1. San Francisco

Famous for the (ironically, red) Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco seems like such a fun place! With Californian sunshine, sea lions at the harbour and that brilliant view of the bridge, I really want to visit San Fran.

Photo by Garth Pratt on Unsplash

2. Iceland

A must see for all travellers! The pictures I’ve seen of Iceland are so far removed from any landscape I’ve ever seen before. It looks so cool – literally (bring a jumper). I’d love to see the waterfalls and black beaches, as well as the tectonic plates and of course the Blue Lagoon. The capital, Reykjavik looks like such an interesting place too. If it’s the right time of year, you can even see the Northern Lights!


3. St Lucia

This beautiful Caribbean island has grabbed my attention for its white sand beaches, beautiful blue oceans and mountains. Zip lining through the jungle sounds brilliant! It would be the perfect blend of a lazing-around-doing-nothing holiday and an action packed one!


4. Florence

“Firenze” as the Italians say! As a history fan, I’d love to go to Florence and soak up all the past, as well as the architecture, the magnificent Duomo, and of course, the food! Italian food is outstanding.

Photo by Jonathan Körner on Unsplash

5. Japan

Japan is a place where you can see so many things – the vibrant city of Tokyo, the peaceful Mount Fuji and the Japanese islands for wonderful beaches. These would all be on my Japanese itinerary. It would also be great to experience such a different culture from my own. Despite not liking sushi!

Photo by Sorasak on Unsplash

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