Fuerteventura fun!

Cocktails. Sunshine. Long sandy beaches. Fuerteventura is an island in the Canaries, near Africa but Spanish-owned. I went there for a week with my boyfriend – after working hard, it was so nice to have a whole week of nothing to do but lie in the sun!




We stayed at the Hotel Barcelo Jandi Mar, a beautiful four star hotel on the coast. I can definitely recommend this hotel – the pool area was wonderful, with plenty of sun loungers and parasols (luckily – I tend to burn), and views of the sea too. We booked all-inclusive, and could drink as much sangria as we liked! The rooms are spacious and nice, although many are up stairs, so perhaps not the most accessible.DSC04770


From the hotel it was only a five minute walk to the beach. And what a beach! Pale gold sand, with blue sea, and practically deserted. Not a tourist hot spot, and all the more wonderful for having the place to ourselves! We went on several trips to the beach to walk along the sand and soak up the sun. There’s nothing as calming as a beach is there?

DSC04841 - Copy


One thing I loved about Fuerteventura was the flora and fauna. Being a hot, dry country, there was quite a lot of cacti, which seemed unbelievably exotic! There are also sand dunes dotted around Fuerteventura, which look like big sandy mountains.


The weather was mostly hot and sunny, but we had one day of rain, which traumatised me deeply! What to do? The spa, luckily, was inside, and so we lounged around in there, desperately hoping the sun would make another appearance. There is nothing worse than getting bad weather on your holiday. We also played mini golf when it was cloudy, but as the course was outdoors, it all went sour when the heavens opened again! Luckily, for the rest of our week, it was hot and breezy.




I love going somewhere hot, knowing that you can just sunbathe all day. There’s something so soothing about lying in the sun.

This was a typical holiday of lying around, doing nothing, and we loved it.



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